Monday, September 29, 2008

Knitsy is a Good Elf!

Knitsy the house elf in Ravenclaw Tower is keeping my on my toes. I feel terrible when I leave the dorm a mess and I come back and everything is in its place. But I have to admit I wish she wouldn't put my natural dye materials with my potions equipment. Why, this morning I accidentally added powdered logwood to the potion I was working on in class and it turned the lovelieset dusty purple. It was really a beautiful color. But Professor Snape wasn't impressed at all...

Friday, September 26, 2008


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Here's the quiz for this round.
1. At the beginning of the book, Cornelius Fudge is talking to the Muggle Prime Minister. Which member of the Order of the Phoenix has recently been found dead?c. Emmeline Vance
2. What animal does Bellatrix Lestrange kill when she and her sister, Narcissa, are going to see Professor Snape?b. Fox
3. What time does Professor Dumbledore collect Harry from Privet Drive?b. 11 p.m.
4. What did Professor Slughorn transform into when he was trying to hide from Harry and Professor Dumbledore?a. An armchair
5. What grade did Harry get for Herbology?a. E – Exceeds Expectation
6. Herbert Chorley, the Prime Minister’s Junior Minster, has been entertaining the public by impersonating which animal?b. A duck
7. What is Professor Sprout’s first name?d. Pomona
8. What is Dumbledore’s idea of ‘a few words’?d. nitwit, oddment, blubber and tweak
9. Who is Marcus Belby’s famous uncle?b. Damocles
10. What is Snape’s mother’s name?b. Eileen Prince
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On The Mend

At LAST I'm starting to recover from pneumonia. I made it through all my classes today, even Potions, although the smell made me feel quite dreadfully ill. Thanks to my thoughtful roommate Minerva Kwikspell I even had all my cauldrons when I needed them. Thanks Minee! I must get to work on the quiz for Quidditch. But to be honest after a full day I think I need my rest tonight. Besides, the Minnesota Twins are playing on muggle television. Does it make me a bad witch to admit I enjoy the muggle sport of baseball even more than Quidditch?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pictures of me

Still pretty sick so will keep this short. I don't like any pictures of me. But here are a couple that show me. The first is a painting made to look like a Byzantine illumination. (See my kitties? Isn't that sweet?) The second is a pic of me in the dress that inspired the illumination and a couple friends. The third is me and my sister. I'm on the left with the longer hair.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I was Naughty and Now I'm paying for it...

I felt somewhat better this morning so I called my friend and we went on our 180 mile round trip Yarn Shop Hop today after all. That was a mistake. Now I feel much worse. My mom ( a retired registered nurse) is on her way over to my place insisting that she take me to the hospital. My temp is over 103 F and I haven't eaten much for the past 3 days. In fact I dropped almost 6 pounds since Tuesday. So if you don't hear from me for a few days you'll know where I am.

This is all the fault of my rotten sinuses, which have been infected on and off for the past 15 years. When in doubt, blame the sinuses. That's the reason I have asthma. And that's the reason I get bronchitis twice a year that developes into pneumonia once a year....

Sick, very sick

A couple weeks ago I had bronchitis. But I got over it and was able to enjoy life. Now I'm back to being sick. A friend and I had planned a Yarn Shop Hop for Sept 20. But now I am sick again. I'm so disappointed to not be able to go. This time I have bronchitis again plus nausea. Blah. Must be the medicine. The infirmary is a necessary place, but I hate it. I hope Wisty and Minee are taking good care of my cats.
Back to bed before Madam Pomfrey catches me up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Term Quiz

Potter Name: Chrysta the Cursed-- don't ask...
Rav ID: Terese
I am allergic to: aspirin, advil, mold and cats. Don't ask why I have three of the things
Pets that I have: 3 cats, Merry-Miaow, Black Magic Cat and Masuku (whom I usually call Little Bit)
My favorite yarn: Don't have a favorite, but I'd like to try some Socks that Rock or something from Panda
If you are a Ravenclaw, do you prefer the film colors or the book colors? It doesn't matter, Both are nice. I like really rich blues, tho, if that helps
My favorite flavor: Hm. Ginger is nice and spicy. But chocolate is always yummy
My favorite holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Definitely Christmas!
I would like to receive a: (Sock kit, scarf kit or yarn dyeing kit) I can't decide. Probably a sock kit, but I wouldn't want to muffle my spoilee's creativity. Whichever she decides is great.
List your favorite brand of needles or hooks, including size and length: I like the Addi double points, the shorter ones, in whatever size is appropriate for the yarn being given.
Is there a brand that you are dying to try?: maybe the Hiya Hiya?
I've participated in HSKS: (How many times have you participated in HSKS swaps?) This is the third. I've been in on 1, 5 and now 6
Do you have a birthday during this swap? If so which day? Yep, September 22.

Friday, September 12, 2008

House Elf

We've been asked to post a suggestion for a name for Ravenclaw's new House Elf. Hm... I'm not good with names. When I was young we had a cat named Cat. Cat passed and we got a new super sized cat that we called Big Cat. Then we got a new little cat so we called him Little Cat. Then one of Cat's progeny came to live with us and we named him Little Big Cat. We did break the mold when we got a girl kitty and called her Catti. I loved cats when I was young and still do. here are two of mine, Black Magic Cat and little Masuku.
I'm not sure I have a good suggestion for a house elf name.
We've lost a lot of Emmas this term. Would it be confusing to Emma Wigworthy to call the house elf Emma? Yeah, probably.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can't Wait For My Spoilee!

Very soon now we'll be receiving our swap partner assignments and I can't wait to start collecting stuff and knitting a little something special. Will my partner be a Slytherin like last year? Or maybe a bold Gryffindor? If s/he is Ravenclaw I have a little something I picked up at a fiber festival earlier this year.

I am in a strength training class that meets at work. My employers pay for the certified trainer to come in twice a week with the hand weights and resistance bands etc (I work for an insurance company. Makes sense that they would rather pay a little now to help us be more fit and save money on health claims later) I was out for a week with a sinus infection/bronchitis, and I coughed so much I almost died on Tuesday. I managed to complete the 35 minute workout, and I didn't feel any lingering soreness. Today I went and although I felt pretty good, my arms and shoulders are still sore. I guess it doesn't take much for us middle aged women to lose what little fitness we are able to build up. Yikes. Off to take a hot shower and then read for ahour before bed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Signed Up For the New Term!

Well, I signed up for the new term at Hogwarts today. I'm sure I'll be in Ravenclaw House again, which is good. But I'll sure miss my old roomie Elanor. She has gone over to the dark side... But Wisteria and Minee have invited me to share their dorm this term, so that should be all good and exciting.

I have been laid low by a horrid cold. I made myself go to work every day this week, but I gave up after a couple hours today. Now that I've completed filling out the forms for the next term I'm going to lay down. Need to save my energy for moving into the dorms...