Saturday, June 28, 2008

End of Term is Getting Closer

The end of term is right around the corner. I have most everything I want for my spoilee's package. I'm just waiting on an item to come by owl and to put some last touches on the bag, and then it's off by owl. My plan is to finish everything up and get it sent by July 7.

The goofiest thing happened this morning. I went downtown to a specialty boutique I know to pick up a little goody for Perenelle and when I tried to open the shop door I found it was locked. I looked through the glass door and there was a woman wearing only her bra and knickers standing by the counter. The moment our eyes connected she dropped to hide behind the counter. I stared for a moment and decided that I would not get that particular item for my spoilee's package. Sorry, Perenelle. I wish Elanor had been with me. She would have made me laugh about it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

House points

Well, Ravenclaw House is firmly in third.

Good thing this is only a game! Competitive people don't take being in third place well.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Quidditch time again!

1. At the beginning of the year feast, who is the only person who rudely interrupts Dumbledore during his speech? Professor Umbridge

2. Off what street is the alley where Harry first met Sirius?
Magnolia Crescent

3. Tonks' mother had two sisters, both pure-bloods, and both left on the Black Family Tree. What are their names?
Narcissa and Bellatrix

4. What spell are the students studying in McGonalgall's class when Umbridge is doing her inspection?

5. Who comes to warn Harry and the rest of Dumbledore's Army that Umbridge and her group of followers are coming to break up their meeting?
Dobby the House Elf

6. Who are the members of the Order that met Harry Potter in the Dursely's house during the summer before his fifth year?
Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Emphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Remus Lupin, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore, Hestia Jones

7. Moody used the Disillusionment Charm on Harry.

8. Which of these Death Eaters is Sirius related to?
All of these

9. At what age did Sirius leave his home?
when he was 16

10. How many of the original Order members were killed?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Room Reeks Again

Sorry, Emma. I know Elanor never did quite get that odorbegone charm to work...

I got my Bare yarn yesterday by owl and couldn't wait to get going on dying it in lovely Slytherin colors. I also dyed a skein for me. I did have a little boo-boo, though. Instead of the green for my spoilee I grabbed the teal I was going to use for me. I didn't figure it out until after I had used quite a bit of it. Oops. It doesn't look bad, does it? I mean a Slytherin might like to wear socks (or a shawl or whatever she may like to use it for) with some teal mixed in with the green and gray and white, right?
Will some of you fine Slytherins let me know if this is acceptable? If it is too blue-ish I do have some other yarn she might like. For the past few months I been buying every skein of green yarn I've seen. So I do have other choices if this isn't appropriate.
Here's a pic of the yarn I dyed for me, too. See how nice the teal looks there?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Ravenclaw Quiz

Some of these answers I'm absolutely postive of. Some are really good guesses. Some are what my friends think and I have no reason to doubt them. Did I mention that I lost my Order of the Phoenix textbook when I moved a couple months ago? Musta lent it to someone. So these answers are strictly off the top of my head.

Below are some quotes taken from Order of the Phoenix. I would like you to identify who spoke each.
1. It's changing out there. Just like last time. There's a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she comes. Dumbledore

2. Dumbledore's Army was about doing something real. Or was that all just words to you? Neville

3. Dementors in Little Winging? Whatever next? The whole world's going topsy-turvy. Mrs Figg

4. The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing. Snape! :)

5. Face it, Petunia. Our boy has gone lumpy. Uncle Vernon

6. You're a fool, Harry Potter, and you will lose everything. He Who Must not Be Named?

7. Practicing is good, but there's something else that's even more important: believing in yourself. Look at it this way: every wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now -- students. If they can do it, why not us? Harry

8. I WILL have order! Umbridge9. When are you going to get it into your head? We're in this together. Hermione? Ron10. When all this is over we'll be a proper family, you'll see. Sirius

11. That's right. Anyway, my mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect. Luna, when harry ws mourning Sirius while everyone else was at the end of term feast

12. You may not like him, Minister, but you can't deny: Dumbledore's got style.Phineas Nigelus Black

13. Who wants to watch me take off Snivelly's trousers? James Potter

14. One person can't feel all that, they'd explode! Ron

15. They're very clean, these Muggles. It's unnatural. Tonks

16. How dare you speak his name! YOU FILTHY HALF BLOOD! Bellatrix le Strange

17. Just because you can use magic now does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything. Mrs Weasley

18. Did you actually believe, or are you truly naive enough to think that children stood a chance against us? I'll make this simple, Potter. Give me the prophecy now, or watch your friends die. Lucius Malfoy

19. You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. Ginny

20. Ah, I thought we might hit this little snag. You seem to be laboring under the delusion that I am going to -- what is the phrase? -- come quietly. Dumbledore

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hogsmead Trip

This weekend I went with Elanor to Hogsmead. She was wanting to pick up some more tea and chocolate and a new quill. I always want chocolate, of course, but what I really wanted was to get my hair cut. Not a lot of course. When I got out of the muggle American army after 8 years I swore to never have short hair again. Since that was 16 years ago, and I usually get a trim only once a year, my hair is pretty long. When I wear it in a single braid down my back it goes to my waist. When it's unbraided it goes down a bit past my waist. I DO NOT want to cut it short. I am a bit vain of my hair and like to wear hair sticks and other types of hair jewelry, especially in the summer when I like to keep it up off my neck. But when it gets to a certain length it tends to look ratty.

It's at that length now, so it must be time for my annual hair cut. I thought I should have maybe 5 inches taken off. While Elanor was off doing her shopping I went to a place that cuts hair. I watched while one customer whose hair was about down to mid-back told the hair cutter repeatedly that she wanted only 2 inches removed. I watched with horror when the hair cutter took at least six inches off. I got up and left the waiting room in great haste. Too bad I couldn't have gotten a "Stupify!" out in time to save that poor girl's hair.

So I did not have my hair cut after all. Oh. well. I'll work up the nerve eventually.

It's really hard to get a picture of your hair when you don't have someone else to take the picture!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My personality test

Hmm... Not sure who i wanted to be, but Dumbledore is certainly acceptable.

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Pop Quiz

This is a great way to get to know our housemates better!

1. Which Ravenclaw does not like games?
Miranda Moonstone

2. Who is taking a course in Remedial Magical Symphony?
Miz Kettleburn

3. Who got 3 puncture wounds in the bottom of her foot by stepping on a hair brush?
Ophelia Hopkirk

4. Who was formerly employed by the Ministry of Magic?
Emma Diggory

5. Who has been enrolled in a Magic Fibres Class in order to learn to knit?
Stuart Cauldwell- read his blog! It'a a hoot

6. Whose mother is a squib?

7. Whose father is an auror?
That would be ME!

8. Whose room smells like wet wool most of the time?
That would be our room, mine, Elanor Cadogan and Emma Diggory's. Altho you can't blame poor Emma. She just has to put up with it.

9. What Ravenclaws spent time in the infirmary for allergies?
Wisteria Lovegoods, Allitrya Spelling, me...

10. Whose wand is made of holly with a kelpie feather?
Hydrangea MacDuff

11. Whose mother was a Ravenclaw and father was a Hufflepuff when they met at Hogwarts?Olive Bladvak

12. Whose silencing potion backfired?
Emma Scrimgeour, Andromache Tonks, and Patonga Pinkstone

13. Who has purple hair?
Andromache Tonks

14. Whose son attends Hogwarts?
Emma Diggory’s son

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hufflepuff Sock Knitter's Bag

Dear Diary,

Last week I decided it was time to get started knitting a simple bag as an "angel" gift. In my stash I had some odd balls of yellow/gold and black. Obviously those would make a nice little bag for a 'Puff. And I do think that after i felt it and add a lining it will be quite nice. And of course it's a good thing to do. And I should be pleased that a Hufflepuff caught the snitch during our first Quidditch match of the year.

So why am I feeling so pouty?

Maybe my roomates Elanor and Emma have some butterbeer stashed around our room somewhere? I need some cheering up...